Cleaning Product Suppliers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Increasingly, cleaning product suppliers are springing up across the Internet, challenging those bricks-and-mortar vendors who have dominated the market for years. Thanks to the Web, it's now possible to find directly the same industrial and residential steam cleaners that formerly required distributors and other middlemen. As a result, the entire cleaning products industry has changed, and, from a consumer's standpoint, clearly for the better.

Like most businesses, cleaning product suppliers work on tight margins. Saving a few cents through a new bristle manufacturer or different shipping method was enough to help some suppliers gain a market advantage over competitors. Still, many of these suppliers found that reaping these savings themselves rather than passing them down to consumers was a more prudent way to go. But now that buyers can deal directly with manufacturers, this is no longer the case.

More on the Economics of Cleaning Product Suppliers

Compounding the problem further for cleaning product suppliers has been the sheer scope of the Internet. With a few mouse clicks, the average user can now locate 10 times the number of dealers that he or she could in the "old-economy" era. Some of these manufacturers even deal in individual parts and accessories, allowing consumers to turn one way for their boilers, a different way for their pumps. All in all, these facts have placed a downward pressure on the price of vapor steam cleaners and parts.

But don't be fooled--you can still walk into your closest Sears or Home Depot and purchase comparable steam machines and other supplies. If you're the type who needs to "see it to believe it," you might try watching a live demo at your local department or big-box store first. If the goods live up to their hype, you can then buy your products online and reduce your costs, sometimes by as much as half the price.

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