Cleaning Supplies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Cleaning supplies made from harsh chemicals cause many people to suffer adverse reactions. Just because something is deadly doesn't mean it will clean your home. Instead, you can rely on common household items to make your own cleaners. They are not only healthier, but also less expensive, and environmentally friendly. Plus, they don't smell bad.

Wash windows with club soda, and use lemon and salt to disinfect countertops. If you are looking for an easy wood polish, you can use a little bit of olive oil on a cloth. Also, for scouring powder, there are no better cleaning supplies than good old fashioned baking soda and salt.

Cleaning Supplies and Indoor Air Quality

Even when you use commercial cleaners properly, they can pollute your indoor air. According to the EPA, many household cleaning supplies can cause eye irritation, respiratory irritation, headache, nausea and vomiting. Drain cleaner and oven cleaner are two of the most polluting chemical cleaning supplies used indoors.

So if you are tired of suffering from chemical burns and inhaling hazardous vapors just to get your toilet clean, consider making your own cleaners. With a few common items, you will quickly have access to easy, cheap solutions. Whatever you can buy in a store, you can find cleaning supplies that will do the same job, which are much gentler and more environmentally friendly.

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