Golf Club Cleaners

Written by Linda Alexander
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Golf club cleaners that use ultrasound are popular at golf courses across the U.S. They clean golf clubs thoroughly and quickly, at low cost. Owning a machine like this is a good source of extra income for a golf course, country club, or individual entrepreneur.

Some golf club cleaners are coin or token operated so players can clean their own golf clubs. Other golf club cleaners are human-operated, and most people owning this type of machine work on a "tips only" basis at golf courses. For a $3-5 tip, you can clean an entire set of golf clubs within five minutes.

How Ultrasound Golf Club Cleaners Work

No elbow grease is required. These cleaners work better than any mechanical cleaner or brush. Ultrasound technology will clean any dirt off the club head and grip, making your clubs look like new. High frequency sound waves, irradiated into an aqueous cleaning solution, produce millions of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles implode, releasing heat and energy, effectively removing contaminants from golf club surfaces.

The only overhead you would have owning a golf club cleaning business like this would be for the cleaning solutions. You simply change the water and solution as necessary. It's easy and safe to use, works well indoors or out, and offers a great service to golfers.

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