Home Cleaning

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you want to start a home cleaning business, there is no better time than the present. Cleaning businesses are east to start, whether it's for commercial or residential services. Home cleaning can be a profitable enterprise, given the low overhead and portability of the business--you simply go into other people's homes with your cleaning materials!

There are plenty of places that need to be cleaned; you just need to look around. And the great part about home cleaning businesses is that areas you clean will become dirty again, giving you a constant stream of work. All you need to do is find those places.

Home Cleaning For Fun and Profit

With so many families stressed to the max and overscheduled, not a lot of people have time to clean. Many are willing to pay for you to clean for them. It's just a matter of marketing yourself. You can get the word out with flyers, newspaper ads, business cards, and referrals.

Good work will lead to referrals, and word of mouth is the best kind of advertising you can get. So do a good job, be on time, be courteous, and you are on your way to building a business! Like any business, professionalism counts with housecleaning.

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