Hot Water Pressure Washers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The applications for hot water pressure washers keep on going and going. A good number of homeowners buy these devices with one purpose in mind: cleaning carpets. Only after witnessing first hand their toughness on carpet fibers do they begin expanding to tile floors, countertops, curtains, and beddings. They also discover that it's safe to use hot water pressure washers on many types of fabric, though there are exceptions such as silk and velour.

Hot water pressure washers are also fantastic on pet areas such as litter box and dog house areas, two places where germs tend to congregate. They may also be used on barbecue grills, where old food offers a nightmare of bacteria and other micro-organisms, kitchen preparation racks, cutting boards, and porous materials such as wood and cork, all of which are havens for microscopic particles. To complete your kitchen jobs, try using hot water pressure washers on stove tops and inside microwave ovens as well.

More Applications of Hot Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, while most valuable in the kitchen and bathroom, have applications all throughout the house, including the garage, living areas, and (of course) the bedroom. Apply an extension nozzle or brush to your washer and cover your fitted sheets, blankets, bed spreads, and even your mattress. Next tackle your closet, namely your dry-cleaned apparel, which often harbors residues from toxic agents and other chemicals that laundromats use.

There are hundreds of miscellaneous applications for which pressure washers are ideally suited, from golf clubs and wall paper to faucets and sinks. Cover your window treatments with your washer wand or brush, or apply it to your panes and sills. You can even polish up family heirlooms such as old jewelry or antiques, as well as pianos and other classic pieces.

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