Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Written by Linda Alexander
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Ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment has a broad range of applications. It can clean nearly any type of equipment and parts, removing grease and oil, buffing compound, chips, and other contaminants. The smallest units clean things like jewelry and watches, while larger units clean machinery.

Laboratories, small volume production, and electronics can be cleaned with the tabletop units of industrial cleaning equipment. Floor tanks, permanently mounted with capacities over 700 gallons, are also available. They are versatile, offering filtration, oil skimming, and agitation options. They are designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Companion Units for Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Companion units, such as rinsing and drying modules, can be used to develop complete, flexible cleaning and degreasing lines. As you can see, there is equipment available to fit every need. When these part washers do not fit your needs, many manufacturers offer custom engineered industrial cleaning equipment. In fact, they may welcome the challenge.

Ultrasonic cleaning is only one step in a complete industrial cleaning process. Combining it with rinsing, drying, and other processing steps helps assure process integrity. Manufacturers will be happy to design a system for you that will reduce the amount of labor required for parts cleaning.

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