Industrial Cleaning Products

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Industrial cleaning products are required on heavy-duty jobs that are too big for most household cleaning supplies. These can include everything from degreasing and paint-removal to sterilizing food products and hospital equipment. For most people, however, portable steam cleaners intended for home use will suffice.

But what if you're in one of the aforementioned fields or conducting other industrial-grade cleaning services? A 20-pound machine capable of generating 60-100 PSI of pressure will do wonders on your bed's comforter or your tile floors, but the minimum requirements for commercial jobs are much higher. Fortunately, there are cleaning product suppliers with exhaustive catalogs of both home and commercial products.

More about Industrial Cleaning Products

As you'd probably expect, industrial cleaning products are markedly more expensive than those you'd use in your kitchen and bathroom. Perhaps you're working on a construction site cleaning rubble or plaster, or maybe you need heavy-duty anti-bacterial solvents for hospital floors and walls. Can you still turn to vapor steam cleaners to handle the tasks?

As it turns out, introducing chemicals into the equation is not necessarily better. Increases in heat and pressure are more likely to achieve the demanding results you need than are soaps and solvents. If your job duties have sent you in search of premium industrial cleaning products, don't be hoodwinked by companies featuring huge markups on bigger versions of their residential steam cleaners, for this is no proven formula for successfully handling tougher jobs.

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