Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Industrial cleaning supplies are de rigeur throughout venues you and your family visit daily. Cafeterias, hospitals, restaurants, gymnasiums, health clubs, and schools are all on the list of institutions that look to industrial cleaning supplies to keep their environments safe and sterile. Most of these places are filled with nooks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas, making effective cleaning all the more difficult.

In the past, industrial cleaning supplies have meant highly potent solvents and solutions, many of which contained warnings and recommendations labels the lengths of some novels. But more and more, the owners, managers, and workers at these locales are opting for high-pressure vapor steam cleaners to abolish allergens and pollutants. In doing so, they cut down on toxicity and more efficiently clean the surfaces that we work, play, sleep, and eat on.

More on Industrial Cleaning Supplies

A regimen of water, heat, and pressure may not seem potent enough to fall under the banner of industrial cleaning, but these three factors, when bundled together, are stronger than most soaps used in colder environments. That's because the heat, which often exceeds several hundred degrees within the bowels of a commercial-grade boiler, is able to destroy the chemical bonds between dirt, grime, stains, oils, and the sticky surfaces to which they cling. Once these bonds have been broken, a vacuum may effortlessly sweep them up.

This process is effective everywhere from hospitals and laundromats to produce departments and hair salons, all places where germs are known to fester and thrive. Sweep along your steel shelves, your fan blades, food prep areas, and gaskets with the help of extensions and nozzles designed to negotiate tough corners and small spaces. Once you've established a base level of clean, routine upkeep is all that's required to fight off potentially lethal pathogens.

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