Janitorial Supplies

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Janitorial supplies go beyond the basic soap, mop, bucket, and water. In our hyper-clean society, any janitor missing his or her array of heavy-duty disinfectants, repellents, bonding agents, degreasers, emulsifiers, and anti-microbials is considered ill-equipped for the job. The average janitorial supplies closet nowadays, rightly or not, looks more like the R&D lab of a major industrial supplies corporation.

Still, if you own, manage, or work in a school, hospital, health club, restaurant, or any other public venue, you depend on janitorial cleaning supplies to keep your workplace clean and disease-free. And while it's impossible to eliminate all potential pathogens from the air and water, an array of janitorial supplies can go a long way in fighting the nastiest strains. Each year millions of Americans get sick in buildings that are improperly maintained either through incompetence, negligence, or insufficient funding.

Buying Janitorial Supplies

While janitorial supplies vendors continue to profit off retail sales in hardware, home goods, and drug stores, more and more business is conducted online. There, it's easy to browse inventories, research new products, and even complete orders all in one stop. If you're a business owner who's all too aware of the bottom line, buying your commercial and industrial cleaning products online can slash your costs and free you from the headache of cobbling together your monthly order from several disparate suppliers.

If you're running or maintaining a public institution or business, it's doubly imperative that you stay on top of your janitorial needs. Not only are there health-related issues to contend with for you and your employees (or students), but there are state and federal regulations to which you must adhere. The EPA levies hefty fines against even first-time violators. That means your supplies must be packaged and stored carefully, as well as guarded from inappropriate use. And it's your job to get up to speed on precisely what those EPA regulations mandate.

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