Mobile Auto Detailing

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Mobile auto detailing affords car owners several advantages at once. Users get the same grime-fighting abilities provided by stationary steam cleaners but with greater latitude. A portable steam cleaner can be folded up and taken to the lake, a campsite, or on a road trip, just a few of the places where grit, bug guts, tree sap, and dirt do their greatest damage.

Owners and managers of detailing shops also benefit from a wholly new business opportunity. Instead of forcing customers to come to them, these entrepreneurs can take their services on the road and meet their customers where they are going. This includes places where people (and cars) gather en masse such as office buildings, festivals and fairs, ballgames, and shopping malls.

More Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing

Mobile auto detailing is also more efficient and, hence, economical than standard steam cleaning, as portable units can travel places where larger and bulkier systems cannot. Move with ease underneath and around cars, onto yards, to the end of driveways, and other out-of-the-way regions. The self-contained boiler system built into your mobile auto detailing unit means you can clean an entire car with only a few ounces of water, so there's no running back to the house or store to refill the tank.

Best of all, mobile units don't compromise on any of the environmental safety features of static cleaners that are designed to meet state and federal laws. No harmful emissions are released into the air since no chemicals are involved in the treatment. All that's needed to get going is a glass of water, an internal heating unit, and the right complement of hoses and nozzles to handle your job.

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