Mobile Car Wash

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Auto steam cleaners that come with wheels can act as virtual mobile car washes, which is good news for detailing companies, garage owners, and car dealers. The increased mobility lets detailers move from car to car with greater ease and tackle multiple jobs at a time without stopping to refill or recharge. From an economic standpoint, this translates to more cars cleaned per hour, which in turn equals higher revenues.

Garage owners also benefit from mobile car washes, as they can constitute the largest share of their earnings. An owner or manager might take anywhere from one or two to 10 dollars per car for storage alone, but he or she can double (or even triple) that amount by offering detailing services to those same customers. A driver who might not ordinarily spend 15 or 20 bucks on a wash may well decide that the extra few dollars it costs to buy one from a parking garage pays off in time saved waiting in line elsewhere.

Car Lot Owners and Mobile Car Washes

Mobile car washes are imperative for any used or new car dealership looking to showcase the most attractive product possible. There are innumerable threats to an automobile's shiny exterior when that car is left out in the sun, rain, and wind. Flocks of birds fly overhead, looky-loos leave fingerprints on the models, and passing cars send road debris flying as they drive past.

With a portable steam cleaner, a car lot owner can save precious time by moving from vehicle to vehicle and performing "touch-up" maintenance. The alternative, driving each car through a wash or dragging a hose around the lot, can be not only expensive and time-consuming, but logistically challenging. The few hundred dollars it takes to furnish yourself with a mobile car wash can pay off in thousands of dollars saved down the road.

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