Mold Prevention And Cleaning

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mold prevention and cleaning will not be necessary in your home if you act to control it. The EPA has a factsheet online that discusses mold prevention and cleaning tips. Here are some of the ideas they have suggested.

When you spill water or have a leak or flood, act quickly. Controlling moisture will control mold. If wet areas are dried within 48 hours, you probably won't have mold growth.

Mold Prevention and Cleaning in New Houses

When you purchase a house, make sure the ground incline slopes away from the building. This will prevent water from collecting there, thus preventing mold growth in the basement. You should also keep your home's humidity level between 35-50 percent. Condensation on windows or walls signals high humidity.

Mostly, mold prevention and cleaning is not necessary. However, in some cases, mold can be toxic and lots of people are allergic. So if you do have mold growth, be sure to act quickly to control it, remove what is there already, and prevent any more from growing.

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