Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Multi purpose steam cleaners are perfect for a variety of jobs in both the home and office. Generally, vapor steam cleaners fall into three separate classes: residential, commercial, and industrial. Occasionally, however, a product will bridge the gap, at least between residential and commercial, and make for a great investment. Buying a reliable steam cleaner can save you not only thousands of dollars in professional cleaning costs but hours and hours of your time as well.

Unlike conventional vacuum machines, multi purpose steam cleaners are effective on drapes and curtains, beddings, tile, carpet, furniture, even certain dress fabrics. That's because steam cleaners don't rely on chemical detergents to remove deeply embedded stains. Their one-two punch of heat and pressure is potent enough to loosen and remove corrosive materials but delicate enough to preserve surfaces such as porcelain and marble.

Why Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners Are So Effective

One of the selling points of multi purpose steam cleaners is the size and heat of the vapor droplets they produce. Unlike true steam, vapor consists of particles that are tiny enough to infiltrate porous materials and sink deeper and deeper into their surfaces. This results in a more effective treatment that doesn't leave behind residues, which can become magnets for even more dirt and dust.

Steam cleaners are effective on carpet as well, extracting debris and other particles from fibers. With a good vapor cleaner you can switch from carpets to grout work to kitchen cabinets without stopping to change hoses, reduce or increase pressure or heat, or add more water. Just a gallon of average tap water can provide a continuous flow of vapor for hours on end at a steady rate so you can get your entire home or office clean in one fell swoop.

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