Office Cleaning

Written by Linda Alexander
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Office cleaning, or janitorial services, are not as easy to choose as you might think. They will be in your office after hours, and will not be supervised. So it is important to find a service that does a good job cleaning, and is reliable as well. If your office requires heavy-duty cleaning, look for a cleaning service that uses ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Make a List of Office Cleaning Jobs

To begin finding an office cleaning service, make a list of the jobs you want done. List each area that needs to be cleaned, what should be done (dusting, washing, emptying trash cans, etc.), and how often. Make sure they are insured as well.

You might also consider the experience of the office cleaning service. Are they new in business, or do they have a reliable track record? Do they offer references? If possible, go with a recommendation from a business associate who already uses a janitorial service. Ask what type of equipment they use. Do they use equipment that is environmentally friendly?

Before submitting your request for a proposal, allow the company to view the premises. This way they will have a clear idea of the space they will be cleaning, and can give you a more accurate estimate. Some companies may offer a trial period, or give a demonstration of their capabilities.

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