Office Cleaning Businesses

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The cleaning business is a multibillion-dollar industry, and the majority of those dollars are generated not by Merry Maids and similar residential services, but by office cleaning businesses. Most corporations consider office upkeep a sunk cost; even if they're able to cut their expenditures here and there, they still must hire someone to maintain their kitchens and bathrooms, vacuum their halls, and wipe down their counters. Even companies that hire interns or janitors to do the "undesirable" tasks still contract out commercial cleaning services to handle the most important jobs.

Office cleaning businesses handle everything from deodorizing and disinfecting office cubicles to the deep cleaning of carpets. Companies that vacuum weekly with department store-bought machines may remove some dirt and debris, but cannot effectively deep clean without some degree of agitation and extraction, which residential cleaners rarely provide. And cosmetic treatment of bathroom floors, toilets, urinals, and mirrors may keep a restroom smelling good, but it fails to kill the staph, E.coli, mildew, and other nasty bacteria that accumulate.

Make Money with Office Cleaning Businesses

Many companies have been contracted with the same office cleaning businesses for years. But new businesses open their doors each day, providing endless opportunities for entrepreneurial types with a bit of marketing savvy. Many startup cleaning services win accounts by offering deep discounts on first cleanings or by offering expanded services such as equipment repair or maintenance.

One way to fish for prospects and leads is to check your local paper for listings of business license requests. Or scout your local Chamber of Commerce's web page to see which new companies are coming to your market. You may even wish to package coupons for your service with those of local restaurants and supply stores, in essence "piggybacking" on their established market presence. These are just a few of the innovative ways to help launch your commercial cleaning business.

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