Portable Steam Cleaners

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When you're in the market for portable steam cleaners, you've got a lot of issues to consider. How often are you planning to use your steam cleaner? How tough are your jobs? How much traveling do you do from client to client? How much maintenance are you willing to invest to keep your steam cleaners running smoothly? These are just a smattering of the questions you must answer.

It hardly warrants mentioning, but one of the reasons you're shopping for portable steam cleaners in the first place is, well, portability. You could easily invest in an industrial-grade machine equipped to handle chemical corrosion and warehouse jobs, but if you're shackled by your device's immobility, what's the purpose? Any successful business that relies on catering to its customers' needs must be willing and able to transport its equipment wherever those customers demand.

Do Portable Steam Cleaners Sacrifice Quality?

It's easy to understand how would-be buyers might worry about compromising quality when opting for portable steam cleaners. After all, size usually means power, so any industrial-strength machine must be more or less stationary, right? As it turns out, not really. Top-of-the-line portable steam cleaners can still produce the requisite pressure and heat to remove the most intractable stains. The key, however, is not in size, but in construction.

Many steam cleaners are limited in their power by shoddy construction that raises the likelihood of blown fuses, overheating, and too much pressure. A well-built machine that features boilers made from stainless steel and that use Tungsten Inert Gas welding can accommodate higher temperatures with less risk. That means that even portable machines can often handle industrial cleaning needs, provided the craftsmanship is first rate.

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