Residential Cleaning

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Residential cleaning businesses come to your home and provide an assortment of services ranging from carpet-cleaning and deodorizing to dusting and restoring. Companies such as these have been around for decades, but the rise of the Internet has forced many of them to diversify their product. As a result, you'll find more and more residential cleaning services that also specialize in things such as landscaping and painting. Some have even been known to troubleshoot computers!

Residential cleaning services can help you prepare for a party or meeting as well as restore your home to its former conditions once it's over. Basic features of any package include carpet vacuuming, tile cleaning, and the dusting of furniture and shelves. Most agencies will gladly cover bathrooms, kitchens, and other havens for germs and allergens. To find out about specific services, however, you often must speak with an agent directly. Many are willing to do custom jobs for an appropriate fee.

An Alternative to the Residential Cleaning Agency

If you've spent enough on the cocktail party or Super Bowl get-together without dropping another couple of hundred dollars on a cleaning service, you may want to consider cleaning on your own. Most people would much rather pay someone else to handle their dirty work than spend one of their two free afternoons each week pushing couches and lifting chairs. Then there's the matter of solvents, rags, vacuums, nozzles, paper towels, and so forth.

The reason for this is that many of these people lack the proper tools to clean efficiently. Instead of crawling around on hands and knees scrubbing dirty tile and wood, your time is better spent steam cleaning these surfaces with the help of a vapor machine. Not only will you save yourself money, but backaches, burning lungs, and a host of other potential ailments that go with vigorous manual cleaning.

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