Super Heated Steam Cleaners

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Super heated steam cleaners differ from ordinary steam cleaners in a few important respects. One of these is the moisture content of the steam produced, which is a critical factor in the machines' effectiveness and energy consumption. A standard steam cleaner can require gallons and gallons of water, since the steam produced is "wet." Super heated steam cleaners, by comparison, boast a dry vapor, which reduces the amount of water needed.

Temperature is another important element of vapor steam cleaning. A typical steam cleaner may reach temperatures hot enough to remove dirt and grime so that it appears to have done an effective job. But many strains of bacteria and germs can continue to live in warm environments, especially wet ones. By raising the temperature to as high as 250 degrees and reducing humidity to a negligible level, super heated steam cleaners destroy any chance these pathogens have of survival.

Buying Super Heated Steam Cleaners

Super heated steam cleaners have been available for years in Europe and, to a lesser extent, here in the U.S. But finding them has been a challenge, largely because so many were engineered to work on the European electrical standard. In recent years, however, a few companies have acknowledged the market need for dry steam cleaning machines, especially the residential variety, and have redesigned them to work on domestic voltage standards.

With this production boom has come a rise of distribution channels--namely, the Internet--through which vapor steam cleaners may be bought. Search online and you'll find companies offering great deals on professional-grade cleaners at up to half off their original prices. Granted, steam cleaners are still a major investment, but time and money saved on maid services and other "band-aid" cleaning solutions easily justifies the expenditure.

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