Tabletop Cleaners

Written by Linda Alexander
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Tabletop cleaners are the perfect size for small-scale laboratory cleaning, jewelry cleaning, or cleaning hobby and craft tools and materials. You can find sizes anywhere from .5 liters to 21 liters. Tabletop cleaners will cost between $75 and $1300.

Depending on the application, you can find different cleaning solutions for your needs. If desired, some manufacturers also offer custom blending for cleaning solutions. There are also accessories available for tabletop cleaners--stainless steel mesh baskets, beakers, and auxiliary pans.

Whether you use continuous operation or a timer, you can find a unit with a timer that works for you. Some are analog, some are digital. You will also want a unit where you can control the heat and power. Some switches are manual and others are digital.

Size and Power of Tabletop Cleaners

Despite their small size, these ultrasonic cleaners offer the same power as larger, industrial-sized models. They are built strong, yet are safe enough for delicate jewelry or electronic parts. In addition, the units are reliable enough for medical and lab standards.

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