Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Written by Linda Alexander
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Ultrasonic blind cleaning can be a lucrative enterprise for somebody looking to buy a franchise. Some manufacturers of ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment will not only sell you their cleaners, but will also train you in the business. In no time, you can be a blind-cleaning franchise owner with the power of a big name behind you.

Potential customers include individual homeowners, office buildings, schools, restaurants, and many other buildings. You can charge anywhere from $8 to $15 for each blind, with expenses ranging between five and ten cents per blind. It's so easy to make a profit with those kind of markups!

Owning an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Business

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a service that other businesses might consider adding to their menu. Janitorial services or maid services, window covering distributors, or carpet and upholstery cleaners are examples of enterprises that might benefit by offering this service to their existing customer bases.

If you are concerned with the portability of this business, rest assured. Companies who train entrepreneurs for this business offer equipment that is easy to transport. You will be able to clean, rinse, and dry each blind in a matter of minutes. Remove dirt, dust, allergens, and smoke, leaving your customers' blinds looking and smelling like new!

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