Ultrasonic Cleaners

Written by Linda Alexander
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Ultrasonic cleaners have a wide variety of uses in many industries. The cavitation process, when bubbles form, cleans right down to the surface of a part, as well as into any crevices or recessed areas. Ultrasonic energy breaks the mechanical and ionic bonds that hold tiny particles of contaminants to surfaces.

Ultrasonic cleaners are fast. As compared with other methods, ultrasonics can reduce the time needed to clean by up to 90 percent. This is because it enhances the effect of chemical cleaning agents and mechanical agitation.

Reasons to Use Ultrasonic Cleaners

Third, ultrasonic cleaners are safe. Cleaning this way is often effective with lower temperatures and lower chemical concentrations that with other methods of cleaning. Ultrasonics will not damage parts. Cleanliness is reached consistently because the ultrasonic energy can reach any surface that comes in contact with the cleaning solution.

Finally, it is cost effective. Studies have shown that mechanical agitation and spray systems are more costly than ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Maintenance required for dirty parts also costs more than cleaning with ultrasonics. So ultrasonic devices are quick, safe, effective, and economical for cleaning parts in many different industries.

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