Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are as many ultrasonic cleaning agents as there are applications for ultrasonic cleaning. Whatever parts you are cleaning, no matter how big or small or what the contaminants are, you will find ultrasonic cleaning agents to meet your needs. Every manufacturer offers a variety of agents for specific uses.

Most ultrasonic cleaning agents are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic. This adds to the list of benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner. In addition to being cost effective, efficient, and effective, ultrasonic cleaners are also environmentally friendly.

Ultrasonic cleaning agents clean everything from gemstones and gold to soft metals, PVC, glad, and painted surfaces. There are specific agents used for textiles, such as blinds. Also, there are cleaners that will clean the rust off of metal, and anti-static cleaning agents for electronics.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents: Concentrated?

Cleaning agents are generally concentrated and must be mixed with water before being used. However, some are already diluted into a solution. Follow the directions on the label of the specific agent you are using with your cleaning equipment.

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