Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Written by Linda Alexander
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are available for every application. Whatever you need to clean, there is a specific solution on the market made for cleaning that item. From jewelry to oils, grease, and oxides, cleaning solutions can be found to fit your needs.

Some ultrasonic cleaning solutions come in powder form. In fact, these are largely replacing the liquid solutions. You simply mix them with water inside or outside the bath, depending on the manufacturer's recommendation. Of course, liquid solutions are still popular.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

A great benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is that it is environmentally friendly. Even better news is that ultrasonic cleaning solutions are usually "green," too. They are biodegradable and non-toxic. Of course, some are flammable so you must still be careful.

Industrial use cleaning agents tend to be slightly alkaline, although they are caustic-free. They remove oil, grease, and a wide variety of pollutants from metals, glass, plastics, and painted surfaces. The label of your particular cleaning agent will tell you what it removes, its application, and how much to mix into the solution.

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