Vapor Steam Cleaners

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Several misconceptions persist when it comes to vapor steam cleaners. The name "vapor steam cleaner" itself is a bit of a misnomer. Steam and vapor are, technically, not the same thing. But for convenience, the two are often used interchangeably, even though vapor droplets are hotter and smaller than steam droplets. So what exactly does that mean?

A smaller, hotter cleaning medium is better equipped to enter porous surfaces and clean more deeply and efficiently. Thus, contaminants lodged in crevices and cracks are easier to unseat with vapor steam cleaners than they are with traditional steam cleaners. And because the vapor is relatively dry, it wipes away more cleanly and dries faster.

More on Vapor Steam Cleaners

Vapor steam cleaners offer a host of other advantages beside droplet size and heat. By using straight water with no chemical additives, vapor steam cleaners are contaminant-free, reducing harm to both the environment and your body. Once the sticky residues are cleaned from your tiles, your pillows, your clothes, and your countertops, they cannot attract additional contaminants either. Hence, once you've finished your first "deep" cleaning, all you need do is maintain these surfaces.

Many vapor steam cleaners are also equipped with micro-particle collectors that trap dust mites and other tiny allergens once they've been loosened. This way, asthma sufferers and other chemically sensitive types needn't worry about more irritants being unleashed. Good steam cleaners will filter out even the minutest of particles to assist you in either your residential or commercial cleaning efforts.

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