Water Treatment Systems

Written by Linda Alexander
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Water treatment systems for home use have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Reports of contamination of city and private water sources have made many people consider buying home water treatment systems. Others buy them to improve the taste in the water.

Costs of Water Treatment Systems

Home water treatment systems can cost between $15 and $1000. You can buy anything from a filter to use in your exercise water bottle, to a whole house system that even purifies your shower water. A variety of contaminants can be removed, though no one product removes all of the contaminants that may affect water quality.

If you are having a problem with your water, the first step towards deciding which system to buy is identifying which contaminants are affecting your water. You can contact your health department for information about water testing facilities, or contact a local consultant. There are also water testing laboratories that may be able to help you.

Point of use systems are installed where you use the water--on your faucet, under the sink, or as a pitcher that sits on your countertop. There are also point of entry systems which connect to the main water pipes. These tend to be more expensive than point of use systems.

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