Airflow Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you begin your search for the perfect ceiling fan, you will soon discover that you have hundreds to choose from. There are dozens of top fan-makers who you will quickly become familiar with. Some brand names are known for very high quality fans, and thus high quality prices, while others are known for making great ceiling fans with mid-range prices.

Airflow is one such company that makes great quality fans for prices that most everyone can afford. Their fans are generally quiet and hold up for a long period of time. There are plenty of choices in style and color. You can choose from walnut or oak, white finish, weathered brick, dark walnut and more for your blades. The motor casing can be brass, white, pewter or other finishings.

Mounting Your Fan

The style of mounting you choose for your ceiling fan will depend on the height of your ceiling and whether or not the ceiling is slanted. As a general rule, you'll want your fan to be about seven to eight feet off the ground. If your ceiling is eight feet high, flush mounting is the way to go. This is when the base of the fan gets attached directly, or flush, to the ceiling.

If your ceiling is over eight feet, you are going to need a downrod mount. This literally refers to the rod that the fan will hang from. Before you go out and buy one, make sure you know the size that fits your fan. Many fans come with standard four and six-inch downrods. If you need something longer, you'll have to go pick it up. If your ceiling is slanted, you'll need to use a pivot ball, which most standard fans come with.

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