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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Traditional methods of heating homes use several different components. There is the external part (outside the home) which usually consists of the furnace, and the internal components which usually consist of pumps and radiators, for example. A heat pump system consists of the outside unit, which can give out either cold or hot air as required, usually connected to air vents.

As with any other piece of home heating equipment, there are different types of heat pumps for different purposes. One of the most popular types is the reverse cycle heat pump. Packaged heat pumps are so called because they are single units. Systems like this have the tremendous advantage that they can provide both heating and air conditioning when required. This is the ideal solution for home owners who would like to minimize obtrusive technology that can spoil the look of your home. Combining the two functions can also mean cheaper installation and running costs, depending on the equipment you choose to use.

Split System Heat Pumps

Split system heat pumps work on a different principle in that they have an internal and exterior unit. The heat pump in this case can be coupled with a furnace or an air handler for maximum efficiency and comfort. Picking the right sized components for the job is critical.

Problems that we hope to overcome with the use of the right heat pump are noisy cycles, unacceptable heat fluctuations from room to room, and high energy bills. Another important part of the equation is the heat pump contractor. Having your unit installed properly can make the difference between a noisy, inefficient system and domestic coziness.

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