Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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Don't Casablanca ceiling fans sound romantic? If you've ever seen the black and white movie of the same name, you might see where someone could come up with it for a line of fans. Indeed, just as Casablanca the movie has become a timeless classic, so are the Casablanca ceiling fans. Timeless doesn't mean boring. It means they have unique designs that never go out of style.

You'll find designs to fit every room and every decorating style. Aside from just looks, however, you'll be dealing with an extremely high quality fan. One of the first things you'll need to look at is the motor. The motor needs to be matched to the length of the blades in order to ensure proper and quiet functioning.

Choosing Your Motor

Most motors are made in Taiwan with some being made in China and the US. It is a general belief that motors from Taiwan are the best, although some will disagree. The Casablanca line of fans has its own patented motor known as the XLP 2000 motor. It's extremely efficient and barely makes a sound. When you buy Casablanca, you know you're getting a top-quality motor.

In addition, the motor casing is important. You want to make sure it will keep the motor free of dust, moisture and humidity. You also want it to keep looking good for a long time. The best casing is made of die-cast zinc. If you're thinking of Casablanca, you'll be happy to know they work solely with the zinc casing. You may spend a little more money for a Casablanca fan, but it's certainly money well spent.

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