Ceiling Fan Lights

Written by Liza Hartung
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One of the greatest combinations ever invented by man is that of ceiling fan and light. A little extra breeze mixed with a brightening of the room is wonderful. How could you go wrong? Fan lighting can be as simple as a single bulb to something so ornate that it would fit in well with the court of King Louis XIV at Versailles. Lighting can be traditional, modern or designed to bring color and fun into a room.

Something you should know right off the bat is that you are not stuck with the lights that your fan comes with. You might decide, over time, that the fan is fine, but you want to update your lights to fit with the room's decor a little better. Before you go out and get new lighting accessories, however, you'll need to make note of the brand and model of your fan. Your lights will need to match.

If you are doing a complete lighting overhaul, you might need to have an electrician come in. This is necessary if you're going from one main light to a set of four or anything along similar lines. You can also get specialty filters that will diffuse the light to help create atmosphere. If your fan and lights will be outside, make sure you buy specifically for the outdoors.

Lights to Match a Room

Obviously, you'll want the lights to provide sufficient light to the room. It's a good idea, however, not to use anything too bright or undiffused. Just having those on alone in a room can cause harsh lighting, which can damage your eyes over time. Try to have diffused light or use some sidelights as well.

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