Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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Pretty much any ceiling fan manufacturer you choose to go with will provide contemporary ceiling fans. These are fans that fit the modern home. They're a little less traditional and they certainly aren't antique in look. There is a wide range of looks for contemporary fans, so make sure you really search to find the one that will add the perfect finishing touch to your room.

Fun with Fans

Some contemporary ceiling fans are a lot of fun, especially the ones made specifically with children in mind. You can get a fan with blades that look like baseball bats. I've seen such a fan with a catcher's mitt for the motor cover and a lighting fixture that resembles a baseball. If it's right over the bed, your child will love lying down at night.

You can also find such fun fans in soccer, ballet and princess themes, not to mention many others. Children aren't the only ones who benefit from contemporary ceiling fans, though. Maybe you want a really shiny black fan to jazz up a jungle-themed room or a really classy piano room. It's all about what your personal vision for your room is. Maybe you want one big light or four little ones that look like a chandelier.

With contemporary fans you'll see a lot of whites, blacks and metal finishes as opposed to the wood of the more traditional fans. You'll also see fun angles and shapes. The lighting fixtures might be new to you as well. You never know where you'll find the perfect fan as a finishing, or beginning, touch for any room.

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