Decorative Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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Ceiling fans not only make your home more energy efficient, they can add a certain flair to a room as well. In recent decades, ceiling fans have become like moving art. Nowadays there are more choices than ever as to the design of your fan. You can go contemporary, traditional, classical, funky, fun, bright or dark. Fans can resemble other things like baseball bats or palm fronds.

Whether you're working with the smallest room in your home or a large dining hall, fans can add to the overall atmosphere you're trying to create. You might want something rustic, industrial or modern. Perhaps you'd like a Tiffany fan to complement your sitting room. Using the Internet, you can browse some the biggest names in ceiling fans. You can find great deals on Hunter, Casablanca, Emerson, AirFlow, Craftmade and more.

Cleaning Your Fan

No matter what kind of fan you end up purchasing, it's important to keep your fan clean. Keeping it clean will ensure longer life and better usage. It's good to buy a fan that is sealed to keep dust and moisture out of the motor, but you'll still want to get on a ladder about once or twice a month and give your fan a good cleaning.

It's recommended that you dust your fan about once a week with a long duster. The once or twice a month cleanings should be more thorough. Stand on a ladder or a stable chair. Dust first. Then, wet a cloth or paper towels with a little bit of warm, soapy water or Windex. Wipe each blade and the motor casing carefully.

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