Ellington Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you're looking for a ceiling fan manufacturing company that's always keeping up with the latest fan technology, you might want to consider Ellington. They're constantly coming out with new fans that both match or exceed the current standards of style and technology. They cover all looks of fans from contemporary and modern to traditional and tropical.

Looking for a fan that's reminiscent of the ancient Agean Sea shoreline? Try Ellington's Agean ceiling fan with an aged bronze finish and classic walnut blades. This particular fan has a 14-degree blade pitch, which means the air circulation is tremendous. You'll also be happy to know that most Ellington ceiling fans come with a standard limited lifetime warranty. Something like this lets you know the company believes in its products.

Air Movement by Your Fan

A fan's number one purpose is to circulate air around a room. Whether it be drawing warm air down from up high or spreading cool air around the room, this is the job of your fan. When you go to purchase a fan, know that the motor strength, motor size and blade pitch are the three determining factors of air movement. There are three main sizes of motors, depending on the room you are purchasing for.

A small motor will be 153mm. A medium motor will run 172mm, and a large motor is 188mm. A motor with higher strength will be able to push around blades with a higher pitch. Blade pitch runs from eight to 16 degrees. This is the angle at which the blade is slanted. The higher the pitch, the more the fan circulates air on slow speeds.

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