Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you want your fan to do more than simply blow air around, think Fanimation. When you want your fan to not only add to the overall mood or atmosphere of a room, but also be a standout piece of art or eye candy as well, think Fanimation. Even the name implies creative minds were at work when this fan-producing company was formed, "Fanimation" being so close to "animation."

A Few Fanimation Examples

These fans are incredibly detailed, in design, technology and look. There is a line called the Palisade, which has two separate fan motors. Think of it like this: a fan with two blades, on the end of each blade is another fan. These are generally done in a tropical style, making the blades resemble palm fronds. The blades come in all kinds of woven and wooden materials.

You can even get cute little accents for these fans where a fake parrot or snake sits on a perch that hangs from the center. If you're looking for a little nostalgia on your ceiling, check out Fanimation's Bourbon Street fans. They're wonderfully elegant, fun and utilize cutting-edge technology that is great for any room. You can also go with an old-world feel by hanging the Bon Aire fan on your ceiling. It looks more like an old-fashioned iron chandelier than a fan.

Fanimation has a line of fans called the Punkah. This is simply a string of bamboo or palm blades that sway back and forth. They don't spin in a circle. They're fabulously decorative. For the most cutting-edge fan, try the Enigma. This is a single-bladed fan with an 18-degree pitch. It delivers serious wind power as the pitch is so high and it only uses one blade.

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