Home Water Softeners

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Most of us hate hard water. It can make housework harder, can mean our clothes are more difficult to get clean, and it can taste terrible too. Hard water is water that has a higher level of minerals in it. Those minerals can be seen around the inside of the kettle, or inside your hot water tank. Yes, hard water can really clog up your water system too.

Choosing a water softening system though, can be anything but simple. Most of the different methods of softening water involve the addition of chemicals to your water. Your pipes may no longer get clogged, but those chemicals won't do anything to improve your health. Unless you have an efficient water filter, the chemicals could even react with substances already in your water supply to form further toxic compounds.

No Chemical Water Softener

Far better to choose a water softening system that avoids the use of chemicals altogether. One of the best methods available at the moment is the Hard Water Wizard. This uses an oscillating electric field to change the nature of the water altogether. The benefits are many. Your water feels silky soft to the touch, and more. They even say that coffee and tea taste so much better.

The Wizard is a small unit that needs little or no maintenance. It is very easy to install and comparatively inexpensive. What's more, you won't need to go to the expense of removing limescale from your system. It will disappear by itself after about 90 days of use with this little gadget. You'll be using less soap and salt, and your shower heads will never clog up again.

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