Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Written by Liza Hartung
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Out of the many ceiling fan manufacturers, Hunter is one of the few that stands out as a leader in light fixtures. They understand the importance of not only combining a fan with lights, but with making the two blend together in all kinds of fashions. Hunter offers some of the most diverse light kits of any other manufacturer. Not only that, Hunter gives you dozens of choices, making it easy to fit the style of any room.

Light Kits by Hunter Ceiling Fans

There are several categories of light kits. Once you choose a category, you'll still need to choose the exact kit that you want. Perhaps you're looking for a bowl light kit. This is when the lighting fixture, fittingly enough, resembles a bowl. They're usually done in opaque glass, some with faint designs. You can also get a dual use bowl. This is a light kit that can be attached to a ceiling fan or mounted directly onto the ceiling with no fan.

Chandelle and chandelier kits are both quite similar. The chandelier kits usually have four lights stemming from the center of the ceiling fan. They're usually a little more modern than the chandelle. You'll notice that most chandelier kits are made of metal, while the chandelle fixtures are made of glass and fully cover the light bulb.

If you're going for strong, unique lighting, you might want to consider a spotlight kit. These take a higher wattage bulb and allow you to angle the three or four lights to certain spots in the room. It's not very good for overall lighting but is perfect for highlighting a piece of furniture or art. When you want something beautiful, check out the Tiffany stained glass kits.

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