Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you want a very sleek and sophisticated looking fan, I suggest checking out Minka Aire ceiling fans. Whether you're looking at their modern, traditional, contemporary or outdoor fans, you'll find they all have a very streamlined look to them. Yes, the traditional ones are traditional and the modern are modern, but when you look at the fans altogether, you'll be able to tell they're all from the same manufacturer.

You'll also find that most of them are traditionally made in dark colors. There are cherry woods, maple woods, brushed steel, black, even the white ones have a kind of metallic look to them. Minka Aire ceiling fans are perfect touches for an upscale yet welcoming kitchen. You might want to try one or two of them in a large, primarily wooden living room.

Many Minka Aire fans are shown with bowl lighting fixtures. This certainly adds to their sophisticated look, and makes them appear slightly more modern than say a chandelier fixture. Even if your fan comes with a bowl fixture, know that you can always go out and get the fixture of your choosing. You're never stuck with the one in the box.

Paying for a Ceiling Fan

Fans these days aren't cheap, especially if you want one that won't wobble or make a lot of noise. As far as ceiling fan prices go, Minka is fairly well priced. Most prices are right around $200, with some dipping into the lower and higher ends. When you're paying for a more expensive fan, make sure you know why. Perhaps the blade pitch is exceptionally high, or the finishing is excellent quality.

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