Modern Ceiling Fans

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you hear people speak of modern ceiling fans, they are talking solely about the look. Modern doesn't mean that the technology is any better. In fact, any good manufacturer will keep up with the most recent technology on all of its fans, whether they be contemporary, traditional, antique, kids' or rustic. All of those are simply descriptions of the outer appearance, not the inner workings.

Modern ceiling fans are often sleeker and more "stylish" than other fan styles. Many of them are done in metal finishings. You'll also see a lot of solid woods, some with unique designs. Many fans are flat black or white. You won't see a lot of ornate work, as you might with traditional or antique-looking fans. You also won't see intricate chandelier-style lighting fixtures.

Many of the lighting fixtures that come standard with modern ceiling fans are bowl, spotlight or very basic chandelier. You can always opt to purchase another light set for your fan. If you do this, make sure you stick with the same manufacturer to ensure proper fitting of the fixture. Any decent ceiling fan company will have many choices of fans as well as lighting.

Blade Number

With modern ceiling fans, you might also notice that the number of blades isn't as many as with traditional fans. You might find a fan with three, two or even one long metal blade. Don't think this is cheating you out of air movement. Actually, the fewer the blades, the more the airflow increases. We tend to automatically think of it the other way around, but it isn't.

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