Replacement Ceiling Fan Blades

Written by Liza Hartung
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Have you ever noticed how, every few years or so, you decide to update a room or two in your home? If you're like many Americans, you'd like to just do the occasional update here at there without breaking your wallet. One of the ways you can start this process is by getting new blades for your ceiling fan. Not many people realize how simple it is to do this.

You'll usually have to purchase blades by the same company that made your fan. However, any decent ceiling fan manufacturer will have quite an array of blades for you to choose from. Something as simple as changing your blades can give your fan a whole new look, thus accenting the room in a unique way. You might want to mix and match. Take a Tiffany fan and add on modern blades for something original and eye-catching.

A Broken Blade

You can also order blades one at a time. This is nice if one of your blades happens to break or starts to bend or warp under certain weather conditions or over time. In order to help maintain the life of your fan, make sure you get good quality. All the blades should be sealed with a special protectant that helps prolong life and adds a measure of safety.

You can also help keep your blades in good condition by keeping them clean. A weekly dusting and once or twice a month thorough cleaning should help. Also, fans have been known to break because of kids getting a little out of hand with toys. Make sure the fans are out of the way or children are aware of the dangers, especially if the fan is over a bed (as kids tend to stand or jump on beds).

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