Water Softeners

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you notice that your pipes are getting clogged, your kettle doesn't last as long as it should, and you need increasing amounts of shampoo to lather your hair, in all probability you live in one of the many areas where the water is hard. Some of us dream of having soft, gentle water that doesn't make our hair feel stiff, and that doesn't wreck our household appliances long before their time.

Achieving soft water is not a simple matter for most of us though. We've been warned against the effects of chemical softeners, and don't fancy the option of actually adding salt to our water supply. The ideal would be an option that doesn't make our water even more of a chemical cocktail.

Just a Dream?

Even more ideal would be a unit that needs little or no maintenance, and no plumbing. In case you think this is a mere pipe dream, there actually is such a unit. It works by subjecting incoming water supply to an oscillating electric current. The result is water that is limescale free and without added chemicals or salt.

For an environmentally safe water softener that will treat your entire household water supply at practically no ongoing cost, this is the unit you need. These units are designed to work with any type of plumbing and in any setting, whether domestic or light commercial. This type of water softener can actually save you money by making your hot water heater more efficient too.

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