Digital Sunrise Clocks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Digital sunrise clocks, as opposed to analog clocks, offer a more modern look than their traditional counterparts. When you want a sleek, contemporary look combined with your natural light alarm, choose digital sunrise clocks. Should you awaken during the night, you'll be able to check the time on an LCD display without having to turn on the light.

Digital sunrise clocks mimic sunrises, gradually becoming brighter and filling your bedroom with a sunny glow. Who wouldn't want to wake up this way, rather than being jerked out of a peaceful sleep by a loud, buzzing alarm?

Who Benefits from Digital Sunrise Clocks

Most people who use sunrise clocks either suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or are shift workers who need to readjust their circadian rhythms. However, sunrise clocks are ideal for anybody who wants to wake up on time, in a more natural way. We can't all risk the temptation of not using any alarm at all, so why not use one that wakes you up naturally?

Children also benefit from the use of digital sunrise alarms. Instead of jolting them out of their dreams by shaking them or yelling at them to get ready for school, allow them at least 30 minutes for their bodies to adjust to the prospect of getting up. With a bright light alarm, you'll have fewer cranky children on your hands, and their sleep will be more restful, too.

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