Natural Light Alarm Clocks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Whether you suffer from Season Affective Disorder, work shifts, or just want to wake up feeling refreshed, natural light alarm clocks are a gentle way to slowly wake up. Imagine waking up to a bright sunny glow in your bedroom, instead of the heart-pounding sound of a buzzing noisemaker. Sunrise clocks simulate a natural sunrise, helping you wake up the way you were meant to.

Natural Light Alarm Clocks: Awakening Naturally

It's unfortunate that in today's society, we can't afford to wake up even five minutes late, or we will miss the bus or train to work. But when we use alarm clocks, we often want to throw them out the window instead of jumping out of bed happily. Worse, some of us become slaves to the snooze button, which has proven to make us even more groggy and irritable than waking up suddenly to an alarm.

Luckily, somebody invented the sunrise clock! Now, we can wake up the way our bodies are supposed to. Gentle and natural, light alarm clocks gradually coax us out of our dreams, allowing our body to get used to the idea of being awake.

We awaken more fully, earlier in the day, putting our night time rhythms in sync with the sunset. Our sleep becomes deeper and more refreshing. Many people also notice that they have more energy and feel more positive about life when they use natural light alarm clocks.

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