Deck Pickets

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Deck pickets are a great addition to a deck when you forgot to plan for a railing. Let's face it, even the best planning can sometimes miss out on something important that you don't realize until it's too late. Railings are those things that usually get missed when you build a ground level deck. Instead of pulling out decking to add new posts for a railing, simply add deck pickets to give your deck that finished look.

Deck Pickets Create a Defined Border

Using deck pickets to define the perimeter of your deck also adds a little security for small pets and children. They are usually low and slightly pointed at the top or dog-eared. If you consider your deck as an outside room, deck pickets are like a room divider. They can be painted or left natural to blend into the look of the deck.

While many people use deck pickets as an afterthought, quite often they are included into the design. They can add a nostalgic feel to the deck that is reminiscent of little picket fences that adorned most town homes of days gone by. Their basic design is simplicity itself, and they always make a statement that evokes a feeling of quaintness rather than sophistication. For the homeowner that doesn't care for pretenses, they define the border of the deck in a casual manner.

On your next deck design, consider deck pickets. They are simple to install, and serve several purposes. The addition of flower boxes attached to the pickets will add a sense of color and old-world charm that is all but forgotten these days. Best of all, guests won't be placing your best crystal on them as they would with a deck railing.

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