Deck Railing Designs

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Far too often deck railing designs are little more than a couple of 2X4s spanning the distance between posts and 2X2 balusters nailed to them. The design and construction is simple, yet the look is blah to say the least. This is what most people will see when they look at your deck, and it should say something about your desire for appearance as opposed to your desire to save money. The deck railing designs should be the first thing that you consider when you contemplate building a deck.

Deck Railings Designs Make Statements About You

Even the smallest and simplest decks can be made spectacular with good deck railing designs. We've all seen the trailer homes that have small decks atop of the stairs that lead to the front door. Most are unimaginative and simply built. Yet the same modular home with an attractive railing can make a serious statement about the owner. It will say that someone cared about the appearance as well as the functionality of the stairs.

An elaborate, multi-tiered deck will demand an elaborate and perhaps ornate railing. The look should be unified and bold. Just as a grand staircase in an estate should have a proper handrail, so should the grand styled deck. Upgrade the woods used and install decorative balusters that go well beyond the 2X2 standard.

Remember when you are working on the budget and the deck railing designs that your and your guests' hands will be on the railings. Something as simple as a splinter can ruin a nice party. Be sure that you choose the material carefully that you use for the railings. The balusters should be strong enough to hold back what you might want to keep on the deck, and still be decorative enough to make a statement. Remember, it's the railings that show, not the decking.

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