Deck Spindles

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Traditional deck spindles usually begin life as a piece of wood and are turned in a lathe to create a distinctive span between two railings. The look is as classic as they come. Spindles are most usually seen on grand staircases inside better homes, but recently they began appearing on deck railings. The improvement to the overall appearance of decks has been dramatic.

Deck Spindles Add Value

Most real estate folks will tell you that a deck adds value to a home, and one with deck spindles on the railings will increase that value. Using these stylish balusters on your railings and stairways tells friends, family, and potential buyers that you are the type to go the extra mile to make sure that your home features only the best material. When incorporated into a deck design that features a curved front, the addition of turned spindles are an accompaniment that makes the look spectacular. Even a simple railing can be made to look elegant with them.

Lately, new developments in vinyl-coated aluminum have replaced wood as a preferred material for deck spindles. This advancement now allows a maintenance free option for the homeowner. Painting, scraping, sanding, and replacements due to rot can now be considered things of the past. They install as easily as wood, and will last forever. Now, that's added value!

Whether you decide to stay with the basic wood variety or the newer aluminum offerings, a decision to use deck spindles on your railings and stairways will be a wise one. The overall impression of your home will be enhanced immeasurably. The value of your home will increase. The feeling that you have when you sit on your deck and enjoy company and compliments will have you realizing that you have indeed made a great decision.

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