Wooden Decks

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Properly constructed and maintained wooden decks can add both beauty and value to most homes. They provide an inviting space in which to spend time in the great outdoors, while providing many of the comforts of indoor space. Many families, this writer's included, find that they will actually spend more time outside when there is a deck upon which to entertain or simply relax. If, as previously said, they are constructed well and properly maintained they can also add value to your property for resale purposes.

Wooden Decks Can Serve Multiple Purposes

When wooden decks are built well above the ground, the underside can be used for a variety of other functions. Many unimaginative people simply store things under them and create an eyesore when viewed from the yard. Yet that same space can be used as a covered patio with access from below. By simply adding some corrugated aluminum sheets to the underside of a gently sloping deck, the underside can serve as a great place to sit and listen to the rain.

You can also use the space for storage, but if you do you should consider building walls of latticework that would provide a cleaner more finished appearance. Your neighbors don't need to see all of your spare plastic furniture, garbage cans, and all of the other things that people cram into that space. A little thought and a little expenditure and the space can be both functional and attractive. Also, by using the new plastic lattice it is a virtually maintenance free enhancement.

For homes with lots of grass to mow, the underside of a high wooden deck can make an excellent garage for the garden tractor. How many of us leave our cars in the driveway so that we can park our tractors in the garage? That storage space underneath the deck can be walled, have a set of double doors added, and a padlock to insure security for our most prized riding mower. With the addition of corrugated aluminum or fiberglass sheeting to the underside of the deck, the tractor will remain dry and protected, and so will your car.

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