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Celebrating Earth Day

Written by supersleuth
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April is a month for renewed excitement. As children enjoy the warming outdoor weather and adults focus on spring cleaning and organizing, it's the perfect time to celebrate one of our most important days...Earth Day. Since it's beginning in 1970, Earth Day is a day to refocus appreciation and protection of our planet. One of the best ways to show your support for Earth Day is to teach and inspire others by hosting an Earth Day party.

This party doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive, although it definitely could be if you wanted it to, the focus should fun and inspirational activities to protect and preserve our environment. Whether you begin planning weeks or days ahead of time, you can find most of your supplies right in your recycling bin. And the best part is that everything you’ll be reusing everything you pull out of the bin and some of it can be put back into the bin for recycling when you’re done.

Decorating for an Earth Day party can be the cheapest decorating you’ve ever done for a party or it can be pretty expensive. It’s up to you. There are two great eco friendly options for your table cover. You can use newspaper for the top and either newspaper cut into slits (kind of like a grass skirt) for the paper hanging off the edge of the table or you can fold the newspaper into pleats for added appeal. This will also make clean up a breeze. If you’re looking for a more elegant look, consider a table cloth you can reuse and be sure to check out bamboo table cloths, they’re quite nice.

For an affordable party, use newspaper as streamers and spirals. These are optimal for easy and eco-friendly clean up since they can be tossed right back into the recycling bin when you’re done with them. If you are going for a more polished look, use things that can be reused for your next party. Ribbons and lanterns can go a long way if you’re creative.

For centerpieces, something as simple as a glass bowl or vase filled with beautiful fruit, branches or flowers are beautiful. If you’re looking for something more child friendly or fun, try plastic jars, bottles or jugs filled with fruits, candies or other treats. Either way you go, this is definitely eco-friendly, there’s no cost or travel associated with gathering these items and there’s also no waste here since everything can be put right back where you got it from.

Use yogurt cups for little planters. Set a small flower, plant or herb in and poke a couple of small holes in the bottom for drainage. Use these at each place setting and send home with guests as party favors.

Pinata’s are fun for all ages. Make a paper mache pinata to look like the earth. This couldn’t be more affordable, if you have newspaper, flour and a balloon, you already have everything you need! Mix flour and water to make the “glue,” of course, you could also use some watered down Elmer’s glue too. Dip the newspaper in the and put one layer on the balloon (don’t forget to leave a space open at the top to pop the balloon and fill the pinata. When the layer dries, repeat the process. To decorate your Earth pinata, you can stick blue and green tissue paper on it while it is still wet or you can wait until it dries and paint it. Fill the pinata with something eco-friendly like packet seeds for planting and some for eating.

Remember, this party should be as fun and entertaining for the host as the guests. Plan activities that you can enjoy too. Sometimes just watching can be better than participating. For example, use old boxes or containers with soft plastic lids such as the round Stovetop Stuffing canister or baby formula cans for a sensory game. Cut slits like (this ×) in the top of the box or plastic lid. Put objects in the containers and have guests stick their hands in the containers to guess what is in there. This can be hilarious for all involved. Put a small plant or flower inside one of them. The initially unidentifiable texture will probably be startling and creepy. Use other things with similar stumping abilities and try to keep the objects related to Earth Day (rocks, dirt, sticks, and worms if you’re really feeling adventurous).

Be a trend setter! Use painted bricks or cinder blocks as planters. You can use small ones and give them away as small decorated planters or you can use small or large ones to decorate your own yard and use as dividers. Give these away as prizes for games like Earth Day Trivia. If you’re looking for prizes that are more expensive and less effort, consider organic chocolates.

Whatever you do to celebrate Earth Day this year, be sure to demonstrate your support by at least spreading the word about how important Earth Day is to you and what you’re doing to celebrate. Mention it to friends, family, co-workers. We have a responsibility to protect and preserve our Earth, let’s help spread the inspiration.

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