Affordable Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Surprisingly, perhaps, affordable fireplace mantels are the rule rather than the exception. It's true that if you have a budget you will probably be obliged to rule out genuine stone mantels. Marble, granite, limestone, and slate are wonderful design textures, yes. Wood works just as well, however. Furthermore, depending on the technical architectural specifications of your house, marble and granite and limestone--all of which are heavy--might not be an option for load bearing issues.

Most affordable fireplace mantels will be wood. Wood has the additional advantage of being incredibly versatile. You can find wood mantels in any number of styles. From the paneled neoclassical fireplaces of the 18th century to the carved mahogany mantels of the late 19th century, wood mantels have plenty of character, quality, and history.

One thing to think about as you shop for affordable fireplace mantels is that wood can be painted to resemble stone. You might research faux painting techniques online--it's less of a commitment than buying a book from your local Barnes and Noble, after all. You'll see that painting wood to resemble stone is only one option.

Shopping for Affordable Fireplace Mantels

Online is also a wonderful way to "shop prices" without feeling pressured. You'll probably find that wooden mantels start in the range of about $150. They go much higher than that, of course. The market will pay what the market can bear. That cliché aside, you will find that you have a wide variety of choices in styles well under $500. You might also want to consider fireplace mantel kits to install yourself, and will cost even less.

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