Apartment Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Apartment fireplaces are a rarity these days. What with building codes, insurance costs, and the multi-story nature of apartment buildings, wood-burning apartment fireplaces are too much headache (and risk) for the average landlord. But an electric apartment fireplace is a different story: they can provide all the warmth and glow of a traditional fireplace, but without the concerns.

From a builder's point-of-view, apartment fireplaces are tricky at best and very difficult to pull off. Chimneys have to be aligned just right, and there has to be a coordinated effort to keep flues of a common chimney in synch--if someone on the top floor has it closed, everyone below could get smoked out. Once standard, they are now as obsolete as the horse-drawn carriage.

Landlords don't mind at all, though. Imagine the insurance of a wood-burning fireplace; now multiply it by the number of apartments. They require regular inspections, and all it takes is one careless tenant to leave a fire going to put the entire building--and the lives of everyone in it--at stake. A fireplace in every room? No, thanks.

Electric Apartment Fireplaces Keep You Warm--and You Won't Get Burned

Here's the perfect solution: an electric apartment fireplace. It plugs in and lights up like a lamp, without any need for venting smoke or redirecting gas lines. They are portable, too: take it to another room, or lug it with you when you move on up to another apartment. The warmth and ambience of a fireplace with the ease of a household appliance--what could be easier?

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