Avanti Stoves

Written by Charles Peacock
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Gas stoves have really come a long way in the last ten years or so. What used to be a curiosity (and something traditionalists liked to make fun of) is now a common element in many new homes. Gas stoves are cheap and efficient, they provide a lot of heat, they look great, and they're incredibly easy to maintain.

The Avalon Avanti Gas Stove

In the beginning, gas stoves were usually designed to look as much like traditional fireplaces as possible. Avalon, a leader in gas stove production, has taken the design of gas stoves to a new level. They're currently offering beautiful modern-looking stoves like the Avanti that make a great addition to any contemporary home.

The Avanti stove is extremely easy to install. It can be set up as a free standing stove in the middle of a room or against a wall, if you don't already have a fireplace in your home. If you do have a fireplace, you can actually use the Avanti as a conversion unit, to transform your traditional wood burning fireplace into gas fireplace.

Like most gas stoves, the Avanti can be fired up (no pun intended) with just the touch of a button. It is available in three different colors for those concerned with aesthetics. The Avanti also comes with a powerful internal blower that controls air circulation into and out of the unit.

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