Backyard Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fireplaces for your backyard include simple tabletop burners as well as chimineas. Chimineas are beautiful, atmospheric and fun; for this reason, they are extremely popular. If you have never seen a chiminea, it resembles a ceramic clay pot, or bowl, with a long neck. Chimineas are slightly raised off the ground by three or four legs, and they have a wide opening in the bowl in order to easily add and light the fuel.

Chimineas are often used in outdoor settings such as decks, porches, driveways, grass--even on the sandy beach. People have traditionally enjoyed burning different kinds of fragrant woods in their chimineas, such as mesquite, piñon pine, hickory, or juniper. However, today there are also chiminea models that burn clean, alcohol-based fuels. These fuels are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, leaving no smoke, soot or ash. Their only byproduct is clean water vapor.

Clean-Burning Outdoor Fireplaces

Why would people elect these fuels over the real thing? The main reasons are convenience and safety. Wood kindling can be hard to find; it also can be expensive. Plus, some people just don't enjoy lighting fires or tending to them. Another drawback to wood is that it can be unpredictable. Woods such as cedar tend to pop and send flying embers into the air, which could start a fire.

For people who want to avoid these hazards and just enjoy a nice fire, alcohol fuel-burning outdoor fireplaces are a good option. You can easily control the size of the fire by adding more or less fuel canisters to the fireplace belly. Fuels also come in citronella-burning varieties to ward off pesky mosquitoes.

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